Terms for Application of Water Service

1.      The applicant must comply with all rules and regulations concerning water and sewer service as outlined in the city code.

2.      As mandated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Prevention Program, the city must require

an applicant to furnish documented proof of identity along with a governmental issued picture ID before service of any type is approved by the city. Social Security numbers will be verified. The city reserves the right to discontinue service if the information provided by the applicant is found to be misrepresented or falsified.

3.     If service is to be provided to more than one (1) unit through one (1) meter, the application must be made by the property owner or his legal agent. If the applicant is not the owner of the premises to be supplied, the city shall require a deposit be made according to the rate schedule approved by City Council, as amended.

4.      Any industrial user shall provide any additional information pertaining to water use that the city deems necessary.

5.      A new application must be made and approved by the city on any change in ownership of property or in tenancy or in the service described in the application, and the city shall have the right to discontinue the water supply until such application is made and approved.

6.      All parties receiving water and/or sewer service shall pay for such service in full in accordance with the schedule of rates, fees and charges, as amended. Collection procedures do apply on delinquent accounts.

7.      Service under any application may be discontinued for nonpayment of any account. Water service shall be disconnected when payment has not been made within forty-five (45) days from the date of original billing.

8.      Service under any application may be discontinued for tampering with any service pipe, meter, curb stop, or any other appliance of the city controlling or regulating the water supply.

9.      When service has been discontinued, it will be renewed under a proper application when conditions under which the service was suspended are corrected. A consumer, whose service has been discontinued at one

(1)  residence or place of business, will not be allowed to renew service at another residence or place of business until all rules and regulations have been complied with and accounts paid.

10.  Where service has been turned off for nonpayment of a bill, or for any other violations of the city rules and regulations, service shall not be turned on again until the consumer shall have paid all charges on all accounts.

11. All connection fees, tap-on fees, turn-on charges and deposits shall be payable in advance. All water service charges shall be payable upon receipt of invoice. After twenty-five (25) days from the invoice date, a ten (10) percent late charge shall be added.

12.  Where stormwater service charges appear on a combined utility bill and a customer does not pay the service charges in full for all the utilities on the bill, the payment will be first applied to outstanding stormwater service charges, then to any garbage collection charges, then water and sewer charges. Where a property receives other city utility services, if stormwater service charges or garbage collection charges for that property are not paid, other utility services to that property may be terminated, whether or not those charges were included on a combined utility bill. Stormwater service charges are due within the time period stated on the bill.

13.  No property owner with outstanding stormwater service charges is entitled to receive other city utility services until the outstanding stormwater service charge on that property is paid. No customer with a delinquent stormwater service account is entitled to open another city utility account at the same or different location until the delinquency has been satisfied.

14.   Water and sewer accounts are NOT transferable. The applicant will be held accountable for all balances due and owing unless a "Request to Discontinue Service" form has been properly filed with the Customer Service Center. The form must be submitted to the office for approval at least three (3) business days prior to the applicant's designated date to discontinue service. Additional fees may apply if not filed in a timely manner; and applicant will be responsible.